Miniature Rottweilers

About the breeder:  
~Hi, My name is Chris and I would like to introduce you to the
Miniature Rottweiler breed. There is a lot of controversy out there reguarding this breed/mixed breed. With all respect to the die hard Rottweiler fans, here is what we are trying to acheive.  
~In a perfect world we could all afford a big house and 2-5 acres
of ground for our GREAT ROTTWEILER to roam and play. We would also not get older or have to downsize to a smaller property or apartment. We would also have the same energy at 80 years old as we had when we were 25 to train and regularly play/ work with our big Rottweiler. I have had big Rottweilers since I was a boy on the farm and to me they are still the greatest dogs around.
~However, I have had so many people say to me, "If only they
would stay small and not need so much room to run. We all know that if the big Rottweilers don't have room to run and put their energy to good use they will start getting moody, chew on the furniture and have all sorts of other bad haits.  So the miniature Rottweilers that I breed are not meant to disrespect the registered Rottweiler nor are they to line my pockets with gold. They are meant for people that live in small houses or apartments or for older people that after having Rottweilers all their life don't have the energy to train and take care of a big dog.
~I have been breeding Mini Rotts since 2007 when I started with
a Pekingnese and Miniature Pinschers. Later I bought a Mini Rott male that originated from pugs and Min Pins. Now, 7 years later, I have finally crossed them with the real Rottweiler breed via artificial insemination. I have spent years dedicated to advancing this breed.
~My goal is to have puppies that will mature at about 30-35lbs. I started with smaller dogs but they were not as stocky as I would like to see. So I made some changes in the breeding program and have been happy with the puppies that are produced.
~I do reside in Lancaster County but please don't associate me 
with or assume that I am a puppy mill. My dogs get the best of care. There are many reputable breeders in Lancaster County. Since 2001 there have been many laws passed that have helped to put questionable breeders out of business. My dogs are all up to date on their rabies vaccination and they are wormed regularly.  All puppies leaving the premises are guaranteed to have all of their first shots and are wormed 3 times unless otherwise specified. They are also health checked  by a licensed veterinarian and all of their health information is included when they leave our family.
~We are striving to raise and sell quality puppies and are
not concerned with quantity. We are not selling any breeding rights with our puppies to insure that we don't have many different sizes and features popping up in the Mini Rott breed. We must have a buyers contract signed by the buyer before the pups leave our location.
~So come and visit our dogs and puppies anytime and find
out what a pleasant experience it can be to buy a new puppy.

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**You can contact Chris with questions or to inquire about upcoming litters at 717-786-2678***

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We are VERY excited to introduce to you the very first litters of ICA registered Miniature Rottweilers in the world!!!
~~~Please note--- Breeder reserves first pick of every litter for himself. ~~~

***There is a litter available from another breeder that is posted on the home page. They were born on 11/16 and will be ready on 1/11.  ***
Our long time breeder of Mini Rotts, Chris, is hoping to have a litter in the spring. Those puppies will be $1,000. Pictures will be posted here when new puppies arrive.

BJ - one our studs in our breeding program

JT- young stud


Gallery of puppies from previous litters

Wanda-female wonder-female

Warior-male  William-male

Wilbur-male watch-male


Max-male  Rambo-male
 Rustler-male Rocky-male 
Lily-female  Fantasy-female

mlae male
male female